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Smart Parking Systems for a Stress-Free Experience

With the rising demand for private or self-owned transportation, the parking space and operating safety related issues are on the rise. To solve these issues, you need a smart device that has the answer for all. The parking counting systems combined with an advanced parking guidance system, offer scientific solutions to check such issues with an edge. It is powered by ingenious electronics and telecommunication technology, combining top features of data tracking, processing, monitoring, and retrieval to benefit the motorists. These innovative devices are, especially an advantage for parking areas of large size, such as function halls, stadiums, airports, theaters, etc.

PGI (Parking guidance and information) systems help motorist, providing much-needed information about the controlled parking area. The system provides centralized management of the entire space, monitoring all the entry and exit points of the parking lanes. The data are processed to figure out the vital specifications like the overall occupancy levels and the available space for individuals. The system displays the summarized information along with strategically placed signs, helping motorists get a clear-cut idea regarding the available spaces to park their vehicles. Thus, avoiding any kind of delay and congestion.


The performance of the parking counting system fully relies upon the accuracy of data input and communication channel. The systems assist in:-

  • Tracking down the number of vehicles present at the entry and exit points of the parking space.

  • Displaying the exact information regarding the number of available slots in each parking lane.

Generally what happens, certain changes occur in the earth’s magnetic field, with the entry or exit of a vehicle in the parking area. The changes are efficiently traced by the wireless detectors or sensors without an error, and then transmitted via radio waves to the central server. A graphical user interface allows the motorists or parking operator to read the information displayed on the board along with alarm signals against a plan view of the parking facility. The ingenious devices not only guide the incoming, outgoing, or moving motorists, but also the operators in the parking spot as well.

The vehicle counting is quickly done with the help of detectors installed below the surface or video recordings. When the vehicles enter the parking lanes, the information is instantly displayed in the form of VMS (Variable Message Sign). The VMS displays a zero or full sign, according to the occupied and available space. Motorists can make easy decisions, finding the right and comfortable space for parking their vehicles. It enhances the comfort – safety level, while reducing the stress to a great extent. Accuracy of the system is quite important, so the maintenance of the installation must be checked on a regular basis.


Park Precisely with Parking Guidance System

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Now eliminate the long hunt for a parking space! People going for outing or shopping often spend a lot of time for searching parking space. Just imagine how easier it would be if there was something that will help you find a parking space easily without having to hunt. This wish can be easily realized with car park guidance system. With the help of intelligent software and sensors, a parking guidance system directs drivers to the nearest available parking space. It also helps people utilize their time in the stores rather than wasting in finding a space to park.

Why do you need a parking guidance system?

  • Parking guidance system (PGS) informs the driver about the status of the vehicle parking space, whether left or occupied.

  • Lets you park your vehicle at the best parking space.

  • The parking guidance system is integrated with advanced software, as a result, it provides real time allocation to the motorist.

  • The parking guidance software provides a full graphic interface for monitoring and managing the parking area remotely.

  • Efficiency and accuracy are the two main features in a parking guidance system that leads to save time of the driver by discovering the parking space in a minimum time.

  • Eliminate congestion.

  • Plays a crucial role in avoiding accidents as well as eliminate pollution.

  • With the help of PGS, we can know the directions and free lots at the entrance.

  • PGS is definitely a cost effective solution as it is used to not only alert the drivers about the parking spaces, but also provides some features to them.

  • Low installation cost.

  • Keep stress free! Now no more waiting or fighting between the motorists in the parking area.

Meet the parking demand! Get these effective solutions from the reliable parking guidance system suppliers online. Make sure to check the background of the companies before placing your order.

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Need for Parking Control System in Smart Cities

new_zcuDigitization opened the gates to vast sources of information. And, the access to information has led to the planning and development of smart cities. The need for better life and environment is the basic reason paving way for developing cities to smart cities. Smart cities promise to provide a smart infrastructure, quality government services, better health care, optimum utilization of resources, better transportation and connectivity, addressing water and waste management.

Addressing woes of public will be the major concern while planning for smart cities. The future infrastructure will take into consideration the present problems; they will be anticipatory and sustainable. Energy efficient buildings will be seen widely in the future that are eco-friendly and offer a healthy living. They will also be designed keeping in view the geographic and demographic concerns of the place.

Connectivity, traffic and parking are the major problems these days city dwellers are facing. Smart traffic solutions need to be introduced to fix these problems. Reducing traffic congestion can improve the transportation. Tracking the flow of vehicles in real-time can be done with the help of ultrasonic vehicle detectors at every traffic points and on highways and a good analysis of this data can help in reducing the congestion and parking problems. Introduction of parking control systems in major parking places help to detect the empty parking lots and thus the drivers can move to the empty places without any wastage of time and fuel. Deployment of intelligent parking control systems can help to improve the traffic management and help in both on-street and off-street parking guidance. Implementing the ultrasonic vehicle detectors can also help to influence the parking demand during peak hours.

Installing charging points for the vehicle batteries in parking places also improve their efficiency and thus reduces the burden of building extra charging stations for automobiles. These empty charging-parking place can be detected by sensors installed and drivers can be guided to the lot by using mobile apps or on-board systems.

Such smart traffic solutions increase parking efficiency, lessen traffic congestion, and save fuel and time of people along with reducing the unnecessary carbon emissions from vehicles. Thus, smart infrastructures pave the way for a smart and green city.

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Real-Time Advantages of a Parking Management System

LEDAccording to recent studies, a motorist drives extra 4km (approx.) per day to find a place for parking the vehicle. It kills so much time, burns fuel unnecessarily, and gives an extra headache. It is the reason behind most traffic hazards as well. However, there is an ultimate solution for all – the intelligent parking management system. The system powered by ultrasonic sensors can easily gather information about the parking situation and signal the motorists finding a vacant spot. It empowers to achieve a long-term improvement in the parking areas.

What makes the parking guidance system really special is, the software used in the system. It is capable of learning and forecasting space situations at particular times. The sensors used are quite easy to install and require no major interventions in the infrastructure. The systems are accurate, they notify every single object in the parking area and send information regarding the capacity of the space and vehicle position. The overhead vehicle detectors also detect the hindrances on the paths, caused by improperly parked vehicles. The information is transmitted to the control room, calculating the available parking space, and assists drivers in finding parking spaces. The data received is stored in the database for future assessments.

Listed below are a few real-time advantages:

  • The sensor-controlled parking guidance system provides drivers real-time data, so that they can easily find out the current availability of parking space at any time of a day. It helps reduce drivers’ search times and ease the hectic traffic scenarios.

  • It ensures a fair usage of overall available metropolitan parking space.

  • It gives a higher level of transparency to the drivers, when planning their routes.

  • Increases the profitability of a parking lot and gives an extra mileage to vehicles.

  • People experience a cleaner, noise free, pollution free towns and cities, as there is no confusion in searching for parking spots burning fuel unnecessarily.

  • Less traffic, so more safety

Install a parking assistance system and save time, money, and fuel. Make your city greener and avoid unwanted traffic hazards. Find a reputed company that can provide you the most advanced technology rich parking guidance systems at a reasonable price.

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Wireless Parking Guidance System: Hardware Components

With the development of modern life, the number of cars is growing rapidly and the difference between cars and parking spaces becomes a problem in the crowded urban areas. The public parking space cannot satisfy the increasing demand. So, how can you make full use of the existing parking facilities to meet the parking demand?



A wireless parking guidance system is defined as the best way, which can help a car gets  parked, under congested segment. It will not only save a lot of time and nerves in finding a free parking space, but also reduce the amount of traffic searching for parking spaces, thereby reducing the emission of pollutants and noise.

Outdoor Parking System

 Outdoor parking system can provide open car parks with cost-effective wireless solution that includes data collecting, conversion and processing as well as release of real-time parking information through dynamic guidance board. It detects vehicles by analysing the change of geomagnetic field, where the information detected by detector will be transmitted wireless to the receivers installed at roadside. 

System Hardware Components

  • Ultrasonic Detector: Installed right above every parking space, this vehicle tracking system collects information through the principle of ultrasonic. This principle includes measuring the distance and then transmitting feedback of collected information to LED and node controllers through RS-485.

  • Zone Controller: One zone controller installed can connect to predetermined (40 to 60) ultrasonic detectors. It gathers and forwards information about vacant spaces from all the detectors to the Central Control Unit. It also forward commands from the Central Control Unit to the LED information panels connected to display accurate vacant information.

  • LED Indicator: Indicators are installed at the front of every parking space to display the current parking space status. When the indicator signals green, it indicates the availability of a vacant park space, and when the indicator turns red, it signals that there is a car parked.

  • Central Controller (CCU): It’s mainly responsible for the collection of carport information and data processing of the whole yard. After collecting the data, it then sends the feedback of the processing data to LED display to show space.

ikeyAn effective wireless parking guidance system can avoid the chaotic street parking allowing bicycle commuters and pedestrians to commute safely and unrestricted. It also encourages the usage of public transportation and lend a large help towards the environment as the air pollution decreases with proper vehicle parking system. 

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Make Vehicle Parking Easy and Hassle Free

Car parking is a major problem in almost all places. There is no need to waste your time to find out a vacant parking space. This can be done by parking management system. It helps those who are looking for a space to park their car with full security. This is basically an architecture, designed in such a way that helps manage the vehicle entry in any premise by giving accurate and quick information about the availability of parking and its location. This parking system is generally activated with an entry gate and an exit gate with closed-circuit cameras to capture the image of the number plate of a vehicle.

GuidancesystemParking control system are generally equipped with many parking management solutions for both ground level and multi storey car parking.


  • Access control 24×7 with registration plate identification

  • Control on vehicle flows

  • Private and public car parking management

  • Control schedule

  • Can supply account and administrative statements to the authorised person

  • Automatic operation of gates and retractable posts


  • Security for public car parks, banks, administrations, company car parks, stations, etc.

  • Access control for hotels, campsites, clubs, etc.

  • Access control for logistics and industrial suppliers.


  1. Easy and quick management of parking management services.

  2. It has the control over all entry and exit points with a single administrator.

  3. Automated System controls and manages parking issues.

  4. Traffic estimation and calculation of vehicle payment and generation of the charges.

  5. Helps build automation professionals and office space management professionals to control the admission of vehicles to the restricted areas.

  6. Ability to fit more cars in less space.

  7. Facilitates the customer to park their vehicle in a large hand-over room.

  8. This allows you a fast, error free and security assured vehicle flow to your private and public car parking management system.

  9. Reduce traffic volume and environment pollution.

  10. Better utilization and profitability of the car parks.

Parking management system is fully automatic, centralized solution for your multi-site, multi-zone car parks, which is available 24×7. Thus, helps generate a new source of revenue for the parking authority, and provide better parking facilities.

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6,500 parking space! The Swedish IICG’S largest LIVAT centre choose KEYTOP parking as their supplier

KEYTOP China has won a contract to design, install, commission, and maintain an Integrated Parking System for 6,500 parking space, 17 entrance, 18 exit at BEIJING XIHONGMEN Livat Shopping Centre.

ikOffering the industry’s most comprehensive product range and solutions,KEYTOP delivers latest parking technology in parking guidance system, vehicle tracking system / car finder system, Cardless parking barrier system by far , KEYTOP have project in more than 50 countries, KEYTOP High-Quality Parking Guidance system have garnered praise from around the world

The Swedish originated shopping centre is invested and wholly owned by IICG (Inter IKEA Centre Group). Distinguished guests from Beijing and nationwide, guests from IICG China and overseas are to witness the historical moment at LIVAT.

Located at the south side of Beijing, the brand new shopping centre LIVAT will bring more than 400 renowned domestic and international brands and services upon its official operation, and it’s also the only regional one-stop shopping centre within 60 minutes driving distance, the brand tenants cover from F&B, entertainment, consumer electronics, lifestyle and fast fashion, as well as the unique IKEA home store.